Do as I do: introducing a revolutionary dog training technique

Shout out about latest dog training article on Art for Barks
By Laure-Anne Visele, Jan 2015

About the author: certified dog trainer in The Hague


Canis bonus: Laure-Anne Visele

I am a behaviour therapist for dogs (Canis bonus, The Hague, Westland, Delft and region) and the co-founder and head trainer at OhMyDog! (dog training school in The Hague).

I studied Zoology (University of Newcastle), got a postgrad specialization in applied animal behaviour (dip) and am a licensed/certified dog trainer (O&O).

After mocking around with dogs all day, I spend my nights and week-ends reviewing dog books and writing about dog behaviour for my blog and other websites.

If you are near The Hague and have dog behaviour issues, get in touch to make an appointment. I work in English, French, or Dutch and only use animal-friendly methods. Want to find out more about the behaviour therapy practice? Check my training page.

Do as I do: a quick introduction

My article for Art for Barks is fresh off the press. In it, I give you a quick history of the concept, and the toolbox to try it at home. Go amaze your friends and family by teaching your dog thousands of tricks in one fell swoop.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Do As I Do.


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