Latest book review: Possibility dogs

Dog book review announcement: Possibility dogs
By Laure-Anne Visele, January 2015

Charleson - Possibility dogs

About the review’s author: certified dog trainer in The Hague


Canis bonus: Laure-Anne Visele

I run Canis bonus, a behaviour therapy  practice for dogs with behaviour problems. I am also the co-founder and head trainer at OhMyDog! (dog training school in The Hague). I graduated in Zoology, and am a licensed dog trainer and certified applied animal behaviourist. After my day job, I review dog books and write about behaviour for my blog and other specialist websites.

If you are near The Hague and have dog behaviour issues, drop me a line to make an appointment. I work in English, French, or Dutch and only use animal-friendly methods. You can find out more on my training page.

Possibility Dogs

Possibility Dogs (2014) is a smooth read. As smooth as it gets, in fact. I found it so impossible to put down I barely slept for two nights just so I could get through it.

Written by Susannah Charleson, a broadcast journalist by day and search-and-rescue dog handler by night, it follows the world of psychiatric service dog and their handlers. It also follows the first step of her project to recruit shelter dogs for service training.

Susannah’s style is at once intimate and professional. She gets the technical stuff right, but sheds an oh so human light on it all. The book feels like a This American Life portrait that will make you understand the life of a service dog and his handler a tad better. And I don’t just mean cognitively understand. It will help you relate.

A fabulous read if you’re interested in the world of service dogs, particularly psych dogs. For the full review, click here.

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