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10 tips for great pictures of your dog

Tips for photographing dogs By Laure-Anne Visele, written Oct 2012. From red eyes to poster quality So you can sum up your photography technique with: ‘Sports’ for actions and ‘Portrait’ for close-ups. But guess what? You’re ten tips away from blurry hell to picture perfect. I’ve graduated from blundering amateur to professional quality learning from my […]

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Pooches on couches

Blog post about dogs on couches By Laure-Anne Visele, written Oct 2012. Bad influence Awkward moment. My dog lodged somewhere with a puppy. After his visit, their pup started sleeping on the couch. So: furious owner and very embarrassed me. So, today’s question is: “Should we allow them on our couches”? Are dogs on couches […]

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