Hot vet, cancer scare, tough days

Article about a veterinary cancer scare
By Laure-Anne Viselé, Aug 2011

Hiatus from blogging

I am on my knees, exhausted, done-for, steam-rolled…

My day-job is crazy busy, my studies are demanding, and I just can’t keep up with the writing. In the meanwhile, I am neglecting myself, my dog, and my kid.

Something’s got to give.

After non-stop exams for 4 months, and the dog’s cancer scare (below), I am giving myself a break. So I am drastically reducing my blogging, and taking it a day at a time.

Cancer scare

It all started when my dog started bleeding right in the middle of a dog training exam. The on-site vet couldn’t see why it was bleeding.

Then it happened again a couple of times but again, inconclusive examination as the bleeding stopped each time.

So when, being just back from a 2-hour drive, it happened again, I rushed to the surgery. Picture me: dishevelled and baggy-eyed, beyond-the-joke exhausted, and really worried about the dog.

So I was in that sort of a mood when I walked into the examination room. And then…

The world’s most beautiful vet ushers me in. Am not kidding. Picture Brad Pitt, 10 years younger, wearing a lab coat. Ridiculously beautiful. I wondered if it was a joke.

There he was, with his messy hair and rugged smile, telling me all sorts of bad news, among which it was a tumour, and it needed to be removed.

Mortified with shame, I could not stop smiling that stupid smile – I have this thing with really beautiful people. The more he talked, the more I beamed and blushed.

I went home to break the news, still high from my near-Pitt encounter, and husband doubly-miffed from the news that we had to change vet’s and that Rodge had two tumours.

The op and stuff

Fast forward a few weeks and they’ve removed a growth from his leg and his chin. Both tumours were BENIGN! (thank heavens)

All in all, it was a trying experience:

  • Just about broke my heart to watch him waddle back to the car still sedated and all shaven.
  • The stitches were done up too tight and cut gashes right through his skin
  • I slept with him on the couch every night so he didn’t tear off his stitches (hate the Elizabethan collar). Not great for sleep.

What now?

So scare is over, and period of exams is (temporarily) over, but day-job is crazy. So I am focusing on my dog and family, and taking blogging one step at a time.

You’ll hear from me when you hear from me. I am no longer keeping to a strict blogging schedule.

I’ll definitely tweep every time there’s new stuff on the site.



I love to read your comments, so leave me your thoughts any time. I’d particularly like to hear from you if you:

  • are combining day-job and studies with motherhood.
  • your dog has also had a cancer scare or operation
  • your vet is drop-dead gorgeous

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  1. Posted 13 July 2012 at 20:42 | Permalink

    Thankfully my pup hasn’t had a cancer scare, but my vet is drop dead gorgeous too! I can’t say he looks like Brad Pitt though. I probably would have reacted to the news the same way you did, or would have turned into a babbling idiot. So happy that everything turned out okay for your dog!

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