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How to respond to fallacies in dog training

Article about logical fallacies in the dog training world By Laure-Anne Viselé, February 2011 Dog professionals and differences of opinion Anyone involved in dog training will agree: there is a shocking lack of consensus about even the most fundamental points. I am all for diversity of opinion, but eventually, popular myths have GOT to be […]

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Our human pet: instructions

This one’s nothing to do with dogs, apologies. But if you’re contemplating having kids, read this first and you’ll thank me. They’re my instructions to the baby-sitter (well, his Godfather) of my fifteen months old kid. That’s just for 8 hours of ‘quality time’! Every 3 hours Or whenever nappy feels full/heavy or when smelly: […]

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Dog training school: what not to do to your customers

Article about my attempts at finding a dog training school in the Netherlands By Laure-Anne Viselé, January 2011 March 2013 update: Putting our money where our mouth is So, after years of preparation, we are finally opening up our own dog training school! Read more to find out about OhMyDog! Dog training school (The Hague). […]

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Canine First Aid homework

Recommendation for canine first aid homework By Laure-Anne Viselé, Certified Canine First Aider, January 2011 I am finally putting the finishing touches on my canine first aid assignment. Upon submission, it will give me my long-awaited second canine first aid qualification. Canis procrastinatus I guess I should stop procrastinating and actually work on the assignment, […]

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My dog chewed broken glass!

Blog post about incident with dog chewing broken glass By Laure-Anne Viselé, Certified Canine First Aider, January 2011 We had ourselves  a huge scare last night: our dog, Roger, chewed through my Bailey’s shot-glass. Friday night Baileys There I was, decompressing after a hard week’s work. I figured I’d have a shot of Bailey’s watching our current […]

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Shout out about Dogcast

Hi readers. If you are, like me, often stuck in traffic for hours, do yourself a favour and download the excellent podcasts from They have excellent features like famous dog experts, touching stories, utility dogs, etc. Check it out! Tweet

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Front page of the Dog Training Daily

I love the Dog Training Daily. It’s all the more special that my article about dogs in the Blitz made it to the front page today (bit of shameless self-promotion never hurt anybody, did it?)! insert line here insert line here Hurray for “Hondentrainer Tim” for hosting this fantastic e-paper.insert line here Tweet

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London Blitz dog heroes

Commemorative article about the London Blitz dog heroes By Laure-Anne Viselé, January 2011 Dogs in the London Blitz I am mad about history (and geography, and biology, and foreign affairs, and theology, and grammar, and etymology, and … ), so it was only a matter of time before I wrote a dog post with a […]

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