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I hate leaving my dog in a pension!

Christmas, every year the same nightmare Finally I have my dog back from the pension. We stayed at my in-laws for a few days, and my mother in-law hates dogs. Our friends can never look after him over Christmas, as they are either away or working, and I do not want to leave him home […]

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Getting your dog through Dutch New Years’ Eve

New Year’s Eve in the Netherlands If you live in the Netherlands and have a pet, you’ll know about the nightmare that is Dutch New Year’s Eve. And it’s not just one night, but it drags on for days before and after the big night. In the Netherlands, fireworks are only allowed one week a year, […]

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My dog has swallowed poison, what now?

First aid instructions for poisoned dog By Laure-Anne Viselé, certified canine first aider, December 2010 Proof-read and edited by a veterinarian working for a poison centre First aid for dog poisoning This article gives you the generic first aid steps in case your dog has swallowed poison. Step 1/ Induce vomiting Most important of all: remain […]

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Dog training: traditional vs. modern theories

Academic essay comparing traditional and modern approaches in dog training By Laure-Anne Viselé, December 2010 Academic paper on traditional versus modern dog training theories I wrote this essay, Traditional vs modern dog training theories, as part of my canine psychology qualification. It compares the main traditional and modern approaches in dog training. If you are looking for solid, […]

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