Dog training shopping list

Blog post about dog training tips wish-list.
By Laure-Anne Viselé, July 2010

Right, I’ll stop being lazy and put a training plan together for my dog again, as we’re slacking.

Here is my shopping list:

  • Vet’s desensitisation
  • Sep-anx maintenance in case I have to work from the office more often again
  • Desensitise him to tooth brushing
  • Desensitise him to getting wet
  • Desensitise him to more kids
  • Desensitise him to strange dogs
  • Improving the ‘watch me’
  • Improving the ‘wait’
  • No more begging
  • Retrieve
  • Bring my car keys (not just find them)

We’ve already achieved loads:

  • Getting off the couch on demand (compliance could improve, but hey, I find it kind of cute)
  • Sitting and waiting for permission before going out of the house (i.e. no longer bolting out)
  • Waiting just outside the door, rather than bolting out of the house, after I give permission to go out
  • A rock solid recall, even under intense conflicting motivation
  • Finding my car keys!!!
  • Desensitisation to grooming
  • Desensitisation to nail clipping (he just calmly lies himself on his side and waits for the kibble)
  • Default sit before crossing the street, then wait for permission
  • Offleash walking every day now, even in traffic situation.
  • Desensitisation to my husband working on his computer in the dark (that funny glow on his face used to freak Roger out)
  • Waiting for permission before lunging for his food.
  • Absolutely no resource guarding.

And wouldn’t you know it, we’re busy with the least important one: shaping the retrieve…

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