Certified Dog Trainer – The Hague

We are no longer offering behaviour therapy services from Canis bonus.


Not a magic pill, not a quick fix and we use treats

Quick fixes are rare in behaviour therapy, and often you’ll need to work hard and long to get small results, especially at the start. My role is to guide your efforts and design the exercises that are the most likely to result in an improvement in yours and the dog’s quality of life. I will explain, demonstrate and coach you into executing training exercises, but the rest of my time with you will be spent evaluating and steering.

If you are after a quick fix or someone who does all the work for you, we might be mismatched. We are definitely a mismatch if you are uncomfortable using food in training.

Credentials and experience

After completing my first degree in Zoology (University of Newcastle), I got a series of professional certifications including the demanding O&O dog training instructor program. Because I believe dog behaviour problems deserve qualified professionals, I also got a postgraduate specialisation in applied animal behaviour (magna cum laude).