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Want to be a professional dog trainer? Advice to the newbie

Blog post about making the right career choices in dog training. July 2016 Article by Laure-Anne Visele. Where relevant, references and picture credits are at the end of the post About the author: certified dog trainer and applied behaviourist in The Hague My name is Laure-Anne and I am the dog behaviour therapist at Canis […]

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The new kid in dog training town: Do as I Do

Guest post on the realities of Do as I do dog training By dog behaviour therapist Sedrick van Gronsveld, September 2015 About the author: dog behaviour therapist in Belgium Sedrick is a reputed behaviour therapist for dogs in Limburg (Belgium). Sedrick’s approach is evidence-based and humane. Sedrick combines years of practical experience with the most […]

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Do as I do: introducing a revolutionary dog training technique

Shout out about latest dog training article on Art for Barks By Laure-Anne Visele, Jan 2015 About the author: certified dog trainer in The Hague I am a behaviour therapist for dogs (Canis bonus, The Hague, Westland, Delft and region) and the co-founder and head trainer at OhMyDog! (dog training school in The Hague). I studied Zoology (University […]

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Play therapy for Chihahua with Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Blog post about play therapy for dogs with Generalized Anxiety and stranger-directed aggression, Video and article shared with the owner’s permission. Blog post by Laure-Anne Visele, December 2014. About the author: certified dog trainer in The Hague I am the co-founder and head trainer at OhMyDog! (dog training school in The Hague). I also own Canis bonus, a behaviour therapy  practice. I […]

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High-performance agility with force-free methods: meet Canine Nation’s Eric Brad

Interview with agility dog handler, radio personality and author Eric Brad By Laure-Anne Visele, out November 2013. About Eric Brad Meet Eric: dog agility trainer-cum-podcaster-cum-author who dedicates pen and microphone to spreading his message of logic and rationality through the dog training world. Eric is based on Vancouver Island (Canada), where he lives with his […]

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Dog recall: get your dog to come back reliably

Blog post about training a great recall By Laure-Anne Viselé, April 2011 What is a recall? It’s a fancy word meaning: ‘The dog comes back when called’. A good recall means: The dog comes back quickly and enthusiastically The dog stops close to you The dog waits until you allow him to leave again Why is […]

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We only use positive methods, shame our students don’t

Blog post about attending positive dog training school allowing aversive dog training methods By Laure-Anne Viselé, March 2011 The lost art of keeping your mouth shut It’s tough attending a training class when you are shocked by the practices of your fellow students. But I am not the instructor in that class, so it’s not […]

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No Science About It

Guest post about dog training and science, By Julie Nutter, dog blogger, Feb 2011 Introduction The bloggospere’s wittiest dog writer, Julie Nutter, kindly accepted to write a guest post on Canis bonus. Boy did she deliver! Read on to discover Julie’s fresh and thought-provoking style.ert line here insert line here No Science About It And […]

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Spoilt dogs and intermittent ratios

Blog comment to Patricia McConnell about intermittent ratios of reinforcement. By Laure-Anne Viselé, July 2010 Introduction Big oooooops on my part in my approach to Roger’s training. Here I am preaching good training practices to the world, and I just got myself caught with a classic mistake: continuing to systematically use treats long after the […]

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Dog training shopping list

Blog post about dog training tips wish-list. By Laure-Anne Viselé, July 2010 Right, I’ll stop being lazy and put a training plan together for my dog again, as we’re slacking. Here is my shopping list: Vet’s desensitisation Sep-anx maintenance in case I have to work from the office more often again Desensitise him to tooth […]

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