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I do ask for reciprocity if I place a link on request, so please see below for details of how to add Canis bonus as a useful link.

Adding Canis bonus to your site’s useful links

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You can use the following blurb to describe my site: ‘Professional dog photography in South Holland and well-researched articles about everything dog-related.’ Feel free to add the Canis bonus logo (available just above this paragraph title).

If you need a longer blurb:Canis bonus: Combined pet photography and canine journalism. – The author has a university degree in Zoology and a string of canine specialist qualifications. Canis bonus has a fact-based approach to dog knowledge. The writing pieces cover all dog subjects, from science popularisation to pop culture. Articles cover dog behaviour and training, care,  sports and hobbies, and the dog professions. – Canis bonus promotes reward-based, modern training principles.

Kindly complete the contact form with the URL of the page where you have listed my site, so I can reciprocate.