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A farmer at heart: We live in a village in the Westland (on the outskirts of The Hague).

An expat through and through: French-speaking parents, a fair bit of growing up in the UK, in Holland since my early thirties.

A touch of family girl: Dutch husband, mongrel son (poster child for multiculturalism), and an equally hybrid dog (English bulldog x Fox terrier stray).

Laure-Anne Viselé Certified Dog Trainer HondentrainingDog career

I graduated in Zoology in 1997, and went on to work in IT management whilst keeping up on zoology topics, particularly behaviour.

Whilst working, I followed specialist qualifications in dog behaviour and decided to read all the must-reads. As my must-read criteria became more and more specialized, so I got asked to review books by authors and publishers. A win-win: the mountain of book reviews is steadily growing, the mountain of my ignorance is steadily shrinking.

I started doing part-time dog behaviour consults in 2009. I now have my eyes on a dog training school (in The Hague, with my friend, ethologist Nicolle Bisschop) and a full-time behaviour practice.

Exciting developments ahoy. Watch this space!

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