Dog Training and Behaviour Advice in The Hague

Dog Training and Behaviour in The Hague

If you are based in The Hague (or Rijswijk/Delft/Westland or region), I can help with your dog’s behaviour problems. I deal with all problems (aggression, separation anxiety, fear, toilet-training, etc.) using science-based and dog-friendly methods.

Behaviour therapy

How does it work?

It works a little bit like a doctor’s appointment, but without the injections:

  • History form (1): I read your form and find out what the matter is: the causes, what it’s called, and how to best solve it.
  • In-home evaluation and advice (2): I meet you in your home, to evaluate the dog, explain the problem and decide on a solution that best fits you.
  • Training plan (3): I write you concrete instructions on how to solve the problem.
  • Short practical demo(s) (4): I demonstrate and help you practice for a session or two.
  • You train the dog (5): For a few weeks, and I answer any e-mail question you might have.
  • Evaluate progress (6): After six weeks, we check progress.

Dog Training Process in The Hague

How much does it cost?

  • Analysis (1), In-house evaluation/advice (2) and Training plan (3) take 3x hours of the therapist’s time at 61 euros/hour.
  • Practical demos (4): These last 45 minutes and cost 35 euros. 1x to 2x sessions are generally enough.
  • Therapist-independent training (5): Quick e-mail questions and follow-up in that period are free.
  • Evaluate progress (6.): This can generally be covered in 1x one-hour session at 61 euros/hour.

My methods

  • Evidence-based: I keep up with the important scientific discoveries about dogs to bust myths and let you train in an effective and informed way.
  • Fun for you and the dog: I use no intimidation or force, and make sure you and your dog leave each lesson eager for more.
  • Non-judgmental to owners: You love your dog, and you’re doing something about the problem. That’s all I need. I have had problem dogs myself before, and I am not one of those owner-blaming professionals.
  • Affordable: I train you to train your dog so you can work alone, or with minimal guidance, very quickly.

Force-Free, Scientific-Approach Dog Training

Walk in confused, walk out relieved

  • You’ll walk in finding your dog embarrassing, dominant, spoilt, stubborn, and weird. You’ll walk out understanding why he does what he does.
  • You’ll walk in feeling shamed by countless others telling you: “It’s always the owner’s fault”. You’ll walk out understanding the real causes, and aware of what you’ve already accomplished.
  • You’ll walk in having no clue how far the problem could go. You’ll walk out with a clear prognosis.
  • You’ll walk in thinking nothing can be done. You’ll walk out with a detailed training plan. A plan using no violence or intimidation. A plan based on scientific research and best practice.

(Based on Beata, 2008)

Private dog training

How does it work?

As a head trainer at OhMyDog! I know that some dogs aren’t made for group classes. You can still reach school-quality training level through private lessons, and for a comparable price.

With manners training, we work through your wishlist of things you want your dog to master – or you chose a standard package like the puppy package or obedience for beginners (great for newly adopted adult dogs).

All my methods are dog-friendly, and I try to make every lesson fun and motivating for you and your dog. I also throw in surprise tricks that will amaze your friends like teaching Fido to ‘find money’.

How much does it cost?

For pure obedience training (i.e. with no underlying behaviour problem), I charge 35 euros/45 minutes.

If you are unsure whether your dog needs behaviour therapy or private training, contact me (info AT


Mail me on “info at canisbonus dot com” (or through the contact form) if you would like to find out what the best option is for your dog.

Dog Training Behaviour Advice

My goal: a harmonious relationship.

Dog Playing Piano

With patience and knowledge, you can teach your dog to do anything

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