Dutch lesson: Golden retriever finds body

Article about cadaver-finding golden retriever
By Laure-Anne Viselé, November 2010

OK, I absolutely need to improve my Dutch. I’ve lived there since 2001, and I obviously still can’t follow a ‘routine’ conversation. There I was, walking dog, husband and kid through the Dutch woods when I came across this old lady and her Golden Retriever.

While we were sharing the customary dog stories, she recalled how her  dog would not stop barking in front of the canal, one day. She eventually checked it out and saw some handlebars and something or another coming out of the water. Something or another turned out to be ‘stoffelijk overschot’ (whatever that means, I thought). Next thing she says is that she called the police, who complimented her on her dog.

I nodded politely, thinking to myself: finding handlebars in a Dutch canal is like, well, finding fleas on a hedgehog. Sweet old lady…

So we walked on and I asked my husband: “So what WAS that stoff… thingie that the dog found?”. His answer:

a dead body… Shudder.

So there she was, an old lady telling me like it was the most normal thing in the world that her dog had found a dead body the other day. If she wasn’t traumatised by that, she must have  been by my totally unimpressed reaction!


  • Have you heard of a similar story where  you regularly walk your dog?
  • Has your dog ever made a gruesome find?
  • Is your Dutch appalling?   ;  )
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