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Dog behaviour therapy: My name is Laure-Anne Viselé. I am a behaviour therapist for dogs. “A behaviour thera-what now?” It means I give your family effective and animal-friendly solutions for your dog’s behaviour problems.

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Bio: I live in a small village close to The Hague with my husband, my son and my dog. I moved to the Netherlands from the UK in 2001 and am of French Belgian origins. After my degree in Zoology, I left the animal world and worked in IT management. I started digging into the literature again when I fostered a dog with behaviour issues. Once I’d discovered dog training and behaviour therapy there was no going back. I started helping other families with their dogs and ended up cross-training in Applied Animal Behaviour. Word of mouth did its job and I have now switched from software implementation to behaviour modification.

Dog Behaviorist

Keeping up: I keep my practical skills sharp through teaching at OhMyDog! (dog training school in The Hague). I also love reading the latest dog books and sharing discoveries, interviews and hot-topics on my blog.

Studies: Degree in Zoology and postgraduate dip in Applied Animal Behaviour. Professional certifications in dog psychology, training and ethology (credentials).

Read this with a French accent for extra effect.

  • Clouseau: Does your dog bite?
  • Hotel Clerk: No.
  • Clouseau: [bowing down to pet the dog] Nice doggie.
  • [Dog barks and bites Clouseau in the hand]
  • Clouseau: I thought you said your dog did not bite!
  • Hotel Clerk: That is not my dog.
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